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About SomeTimes

The search for watches is a work of discovery and exchange in order to offer you watches marked over time.

An important passage is that of restoration. This conscientious and meticulous work will give each of these watches a second life without taking away the beauty acquired over the years.


In this way, SomeTimes will try to convey its passion through each watch offered.

"How long is forever ? Sometimes, just a second."

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The Passion

Each watch is different both in its history and in its mechanism. Like every human, it has his own universe that is just waiting to be discovered. A watch is often very mysterious and you often have to look further. It is by opening these watches that we discover the time markings; how the watch was treated, what was repaired, reworked, explored. Often, we look at a watch and we do the same as with humans: we judge it by its physique, its appearance, what is visible. But enthusiasts seek what is hidden behind the caseback where all the richness and personality acquired over time are found. Before buying a watch, you must judge its true value.

The experience

Our experience, certainly acquired by self-taught over time, is no less valuable. This experience was acquired through exchanges, meetings, reading books and discussions in forums but above all by spending long hours at the workbench assembling and disassembling mechanical and automatic watches, starting with non-technical tools. -qualitative to end up with more efficient tools. As in many other disciplines, practice is the key. Watchmaking is a constant learning process that we carry out on a daily basis, sometimes individually and sometimes during training.

Our values

The Diversity

Diversity is, in our opinion, an essential point of our wok.  A wide selection of vintage watches available for all tastes, all ages and all budgets.

“The diversity of each watch makes it rich. »

The quality

All our watches are checked and serviced (if necessary) to guarantee optimal operation. We generally favor Swiss or French manufactured watches without forgetting other equally high quality manufacturers.

“Quality is not an action, it is a habit. »

The Durability

Investing in an old watch means choosing durability.

A watch is worn, transported, put on, passed down from generation to generation.It is the legacy of your history that you will pass on to your heirs. 

“A watch is an heirloom, a sentimental value, a memory that lasts over time. »

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